Thai Foot Massage with reflex points

What is Thai foot massage?

Thai foot massage is a traditional and effective massage with roots across many cultures of the Far East. This one has the added benefit of stimulating the key foot reflex points using a traditional rosewood stick.

What are the benefits of Thai foot massage?

  • Improves circulation.
  • Improves flexibility and stiffness in the legs and feet.
  • Improves sleep.
  • Helps with stress relief.
  • Deeply relaxing, promoting a good sense of wellbeing.

What to expect during a Thai foot massage.

This is an hour and a half long treatment. The best way to describe it that it is a journey. There are several different parts to the session. It does require access of the lower leg, so shorts or loose trousers that can be easily be moved to the above the knee is perfect.

Initially there is a stage of gentle but firm repetitive movements up and down the lower legs and over the feet. Then there is a section when a simple wax is applied and a more vigorous approach is used, with the use of flicks, knuckling and sliding methods across the feet and ankles.

This is followed by the use of the traditional Thai rosewood stick. This is a fast action of activating areas across the feet. It is then used to apply firm pressure to the reflex points over the feet.

Then there is a section where the entire feet and lower legs are massaged with some gorgeous flowing movements. It leads in to some slapping, cupping and kneading of the calf muscles and ends with an invigorating sequence to end the entire routine.

It leaves you feeling deeply relaxed, yet also energised and is perfect if you want a longer session to unwind.